In the Picean Age (started around the brith of Christ) the Doors to Source were being closed one by one.  You could say religions were an attempt by humanity to  keep the door open.    When a great teacher leaves the earthly plane it feels like a doorway to the source is shutting.  Understandably so, such teachers open up the capacity to reach our deepest longing, the absence of such can instigate a kind of panic and desperation to preserve what they brought.  This is very human and represents some of humanities greatest traits; that of loyalty and gratitude.  Yet in some sense it misses the essence of what the great masters were really looking for.  Such Planetary Teachers were great Alchemists and bringers of light. I feel their deepest wish was for every human to find their path and be able to open the gate to their own soul.  I feel they knew that lasting happiness could only be found when each person found their key and had the courage to use it.  

The Aquarian Age (said to start in 2012) is a very different time. A time of beingness, it is the bridge back to the light;  one could say 21/12/2012 represented the end of an epically long Winter!  We are 6-7 years in now and we are in a very different frequency, where the doorways to source are being re-opened in far more innovative and diverse ways.  A new way is being born infront of our eyes and its language is the heart. 

We are all having to live within a new world that seems intensely polarising.  That polarity can feel intensely painful, like being caught between two parents at war.  Yet as cruel as it may seem it is forcing us to the only place that offers escape.  The heart chakra or the Physical Heart( seat of the soul).  

When we are able to land in its space, its is not that problems disappear but our relationship to them alters.  The heart is the meeting place between worlds.  You could say the counsellors chamber where challenges are somehow suspended; weightless, their charge neutralises. Now grace can come to your aid and insight begins to dissolve the seed of your pain. The age is asking of us to live In the heart and seed new communities from this space.  It asks of us to be real and to unify beyond labels and claims.  It asks us to let go and see through vulnerable eyes.

So rest assured if you are feeling it then all is well – keep diving in and start to invest in that which makes your heart sing.