Honouring and celebrating the turning of the seasons and the change in dynamic and energy is one of the cornerstones of the druid path. By organising sacred rituals at specific times of the year we hold space for our own transformation and evolution and we allow our own rhythm to synchronise with the rhythm of mother nature.

In the druid tradition there are 8 main feast days in the year. There are the 4 turning points of the wheel of the year, the solstices which are the moments of culminating energy:

Summer solstice or “Litha” and winter solstice or “Yule” and the equinoxes which are balancing points in the year: spring equinox or “Ostara” and autumn equinox or “Mabon”.

In between each of these major turning points we have the four fire festivals: Imbolc which is celebrated on the 2nd of February, Beltaine on the 1st of May, Lughnasadh on the 1st of August and Samhain on the 31st of October.

Each of these rituals mark key transformational moments in the year when profound inner and outer change happens. They allow us to anchor our journey by creating the space to reflect back upon the period that is coming to an end and consciously engaging a new chapter in our live. It’s a sacred act, we honour the divine that surrounds us and by doing so we strengthen our relationship with the divine within us as well. We tune in to the motion of the seasons and the stars, confirming our profound connection to the universe and all that surrounds us. We become part of the cycle of life once again, instead of seeing ourselves as separate and by doing so we reintroduce flow into every aspect of our spiritual and material lives.

The 4 main balance and climax points in the year

Ostara: spring Equinox
Litha: summer solstice
Mabon: Autumn equinox
Yule: Winter solstice

The 4 main fire festivals

Imbolc: the 2nd of February
Beltaine: the 1st of May
Lughnasadh: the 1st of August
Samhain: the 31st of October


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New moons are new beginnings. Each new moon we offer a group healing session with the energy of one of the spirit guides that accompanies us on our pilgrimage and whose teachings we received. This healing session will invite the energy of the spirit guide in your life so that he/she can accompany you on your quest for self-realisation and expansion of consciousness.

Each healing ritual has an effect on different parts of our being and opens up new doors and possibilities. The new moon is an excellent moment to place a constructive energy that will allow us to move forward on our path in life and that will accompany us until the next new moon.

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