The spiritual hub and beating heart of Path to Source has found a home in two beautiful cottages that are positioned in between the High Street of Glastonbury and the Tor, at walking distance of all of the major sites.

The story started a couple of years ago with Hopewell Cottage, run as a community house by Sivaroshan and Jane and already welcoming international yogis and pilgrims and Londoners looking for a self-retreat. Now its twin, Lantern cottage, that lies on the opposite side of the road, has joined Hopewell and it feels as if the two houses complete each other. They are both set up to welcome truth-seekers and spiritual pilgrims alike and are brimming with enthusiasm to host the courses of the Path2Source college.


Glastonbury is an international place of pilgrimage where spiritual seekers of different backgrounds come to deepen their journey. People from all kinds of religious backgrounds, from different belief systems, spiritual currents and personal development schools come together in Glastonbury to facilitate the opening of the heart and the alignment of the soul, the spirit and the body. The town sits at the crossroads of different myths and spiritual currents that live together and intermingle harmoniously. Christian mysticism and druid lore are woven in with the myths of King Arthur and Guinevere and stories about the fairy realms.

As the heart chakra of the planet, it truly is a place beyond duality, which is mirrored in all of its landmarks, celebrating the union between masculine and feminine energies. It is one of the most sacred places on earth, one of the ancient mystery temples that is still active, a place of deep alchemical transformation. There is an invisible dimension to Glastonbury that can only be seen and felt with an open heart, its name is “Avalon”, the mythical land of King Arthur or “Ynnis Wythrin”, the magical realm of the fairies that lies hidden in the mists.


All throughout history Glastonbury has been a place of pilgrimage. In ancient times the land was considered sacred by the druids of the Celtic societies and was one of the main ritualistic places on the English territory.

Local tradition says that Joseph of Arimathea came to Glastonbury with part of the Essene community after the crucifixion to found a spiritual community and build what was possibly the first “Christian” temple in Europe. He and his entourage were welcomed with open arms by the local druids who helped them start new lives in Glastonbury. From the ashes of Jesus’s mission and the Essene mission in Palestine, the first western church was born (still officially recognised as such by the Orthodox Church): the Church of England, a mystical and organic form of Christianity based on the Essene teachings and influenced by druidry.

Some centuries pass until saint Patrick founds a monastic community on the site of the first temple and starts the building works of what was to become Glastonbury Abbey in 433. The Abbey continues to grow and becomes the largest and richest abbey of England, complete with its own jurisdiction, independent from the church of England thanks to its status as the first church of England.

It became the first great European abbey, drawing in pilgrims and religious scholars from all over Europe. The abbey was renowned for its impressive book collection and for the great number of learned men it housed. It quickly became one of the most powerful spiritual centers in the world and a lively little town sprung up around the Abbey grounds to support its activities.

After the dissolution of the Abbeys in the 16th century by Henri VIII, the town of Glastonbury was somewhat forgotten by the larger public until the 19th Century when the spiritual identity of the town was revived and rediscovered and pilgrims started finding their way back once again.

Glastonbury is seen by many as the heart chakra of the planet, making it one of the most important energy nodes on earth. Some of the most powerful Ley-lines on earth run through Glastonbury, connecting it to other energy sites on the planet such as:


  • the megalithic site of Carnac (France)
  • Santiago de Compostella (Spain)
  • the Canary Islands (Spain)
  • Fatima (Portugal)
  • Cordoba (Spain)
  • Tassili moutains(Algeria)
  • Kompasberg (South Africa)
  • Chartres (France)
  • Kilimandjaro mountains (Tanzania)
  • Ephesus (Turkey)
  • Baalbek (Lebanon)
  • Taj Mahal (Agra, India)
  • Altai mountains (Russia)
  • Fuji mountains (Japan)
  • Mount Knocknarea (Ireland)
  • Serpent Mound (Ohio, United States)
  • Teotihuacan (Mexico)
  • Tihuanacu (Bolivia)


Glastonbury is unique for it represents unity and its function is to unify and pacify opposing forces. It honours the complementarity of the 2 poles of existence, mirrored in the towns natural features by the presence of a white masculine spring and a red feminine spring and the Mary and Michael line that are woven throughout the Glastonbury tapestry. It’s the meeting place of the 2 sides of our dual reality and all the expressions of this duality.

The key for allowing humanity to take the next step in its evolution and create a world of harmony and abundance is encoded in the Glastonbury dynamic: masculine and feminine energy are complementary, equal parts of the 2 energies set the wheel of life into motion and stimulate the flow in life. We don’t live in a sphere of conflictual duality, but in a complementary reality that naturally creates abundance.

Nothing is impossible here and the mantra seems to be “live and let live”, to each his own truth. As is shown in the fact that here, since many centuries, Christianity lives together in peace with Celtic rites and traditions. Here, people celebrate god and goddess, the holy trinity of man-woman-child. They say Mary-Magdalene came here, and also Anna, Jesus’s grandmother. The holy family is celebrated by pagans, and Arthur and Guinevere by Christians. The whole community celebrates Easter and Beltane, All Saints’ Day and Samhain, Yule and Christmas.

Today, pilgrims from different faiths and origins come to Glastonbury to follow in the footsteps of Joseph of Arimathea and the holy family, to learn more about pagan traditions and to reconnect to druid rites and culture, to meet elemental nature spirits, to rediscover the trace of the sacred feminine in the world or because they are curious about the legends of King Arthur and the knights of the round table.

All of them recognise Glastonbury as an important energy site in the world and one of the world’s spiritual capitals. Glastonbury is a place that can teach people how to live together in peace and celebrate their differences instead of trying to erase or eradicate what is different.


All of us felt called to come to Glastonbury, we feel that our work in Glastonbury surpasses our simple, personal ambitions or desires and intentions, it is a question of destiny and purpose. We feel it is the soul of the land that is guiding our every step and showing us the path we need to walk as teachers. For all of us, the first step was moving to Glastonbury, weaving in our own roots with the roots of the land, experiencing and integrating the energy of this magical place and going through its initiations to see at first hand how the energy of the heart chakra of the world can accelerate people’s transformation and be a definitive influence on their life’s path and become worthy ambassadors of its universal message of hope and love. 

For centuries pilgrims and spiritual seekers from all over the world understood the importance and the incredible power of Glastonbury, they came here to learn about life, about themselves, about the cosmos and the divine and we want to re-open that door, push open the gates of this sanctuary on earth and make its wisdom available through the college.


We feel very strongly that in the years to come and in our current day and age, Glastonbury will play an important role. Humanity is transitioning from a mind-based societal model to a heart-based way of living. Our reality and the whole of humanity is literally changing its polarity.

For this transition to happen without too much chaos or turmoil, it will be essential to reconnect to the heart and learn how to act and create from the heart. As Glastonbury is the heart chakra of the world, it automatically reconnects people to their inner truth and allows them to switch off the mind and listen to their heart better than any other place on earth.

By anchoring the ancient traditions and spiritual lineages in our college and teachings and by building bridges between these sacred teachings, we can create a worldwide community of people who believe in unity, in mutual support and who are committed to co-creating a harmonious world.