The Yogi

A Yogi is one who merges with source. Their journey is one of self-experience; seeded by a realisation that the material world cannot answer the questions of the soul.


Path of the Yogi

The yogi enters into a contract of discovery. Kriya* becomes the teacher. The body is the temple for our transformation; it holds within the keys to unlock the mystery of our incarnation.

A baby traverses the 84 postures of yoga in the womb; an initiation to the codes by which to come home. Yet as we enter the world we forget and as life goes on we degrade the temple of our bodies in ignorance of our true purpose.

Kundalini yoga Kriyas and Meditations function like cocoons for transformation, the sequence of a Kriya chisels the body & spirit, while the breath and mantra open up gateways of communication to source.

A Yogis foundation is Sadhana, to rise at the ambrosial hours is the first commitment. Why? At this time the position of the sun in relation to the Earth creates a stronger connection to the ethers. Our prayers and soul calls are heard more readily by divinity, Guides & Masters of the Golden Chain*, can offer you guidance and support more readily. This investment of Sadhana ‘pays out’ in your everyday life, as the saying goes you give 1/10 of the day to the divine and the divine will take care of the rest.

Being a Yogi is a lifestyle commitment, you could say it is a re-orientation of your priorities. Being a Kundalini yogi is not a renunciates path, it is a house-holders path. It is a path of being in the world with all that has to offer: love, relationships, joy and challenge! The difference being that in your heart you have initiated into a commitment to align yourself to your destiny.

Becoming a Kundalini Yoga Teacher* is first and foremost an exploration of your true self. The commitment creates a powerful portal for transformation. Source has heard the call of your soul and often remarkable things happen as the universe brings to you the things, people and situations perfect for your growth. The cup of your life soon starts to fill and when it starts to overflow you become the teacher. There is no rush, there is no pressure to teach; if you hear the call you will know.


Do we understand the nature of a seed? Packed within such a small thing is the universe. Within its very being are codes of awakening that when unlocked initiate an unprecedented expansion. Life, you could say is a journey to activate the ‘seed’ of our destiny. There are many doors of opportunity that will reveal themselves in life but we must choose which to enter? Our challenge is to have the courage to open the door and the ‘Know-how’ to deal with what lies on the order side.

Kundalini yoga training gives you both!

It chisels your character and calibre to become an Alchemist of Life. It is foremost a training to reveal the Authentic you, everything else follows. The call to teach often happens when the ‘cup overflows’, there is no rush there is no requirement when it happens you will know.

The training is held in GLASTONBURY (the Heart Chakra of the world). The confluence of Ley lines (energy highways) that merge in Glastonbury facilitates a powerful awakening of the spirit. Weekends will be spent in true community at Lantern Cottage.


The Heart Chakra of the World

Glastonbury is an international place of pilgrimage where spiritual seekers of different backgrounds come to deepen their journey. People from all kinds of religious backgrounds, from different belief systems, spiritual currents and personal development schools come together in Glastonbury to facilitate the opening of the heart and the alignment of the soul, the spirit and the body. The town sits at the crossroads of different myths and spiritual currents that live together and intermingle harmoniously. Christian mysticism and druid lore are woven in with the myths of King Arthur and Guinevere and stories about the fairy realms.

As the heart chakra of the planet, it truly is a place beyond duality, which is mirrored in all of its landmarks, celebrating the union between masculine and feminine energies. It is one of the most sacred places on earth, one of the ancient mystery temples that is still active, a place of deep alchemical transformation. There is an invisible dimension to Glastonbury that can only be seen and felt with an open heart, its name is “Avalon”, the mythical land of King Arthur or “Ynnis Wythrin”, the magical realm of the fairies that lies hidden in the mists.



No. Dates Arrive/leave Glastonbury
Weekend 1 15-17 February 2019 Arrive any time after 3:00pm on Friday 15th Feb Depart at 5:00pm on Sunday 17th Feb
Weekend 2 15-17 March 2019 Arrive any time after 3:00pm on Friday 15th Mar Depart at 5:00pm on Sunday 17th Mar
Weekend 3 20 – 22 April 2019 Arrive any time after 3:00pm on Friday 20th Apr Depart at 5:00pm on Sunday 22nd Apr
Weekend 4 (Long) 10 -13 May 2019 (4 days) Arrive any time after 3:00pm on Thursday 10th May Depart at 5:00pm on Monday 13th May
Weekend 5 7 – 9 June 2019 Arrive any time after 3:00pm on Friday 7th June Depart at 5:00pm on Sunday 9h June
Weekend 6 12 – 15 July 2019 Arrive any time after 3:00pm on Friday 12th July Depart at 5:00pm on Sunday 15th July
Retreat (5 days) 16 – 22 August 2019 Arrive any time after 3:00pm on Friday 16th August Depart at 12:00pm on Thursday 22nd August. Venue TBC.
Mentoring 6 mentoring sessions via zoom to be held between the weekends
Exam A course work based exam to be submitted by 31st of October 2019