The Healer

The healer is someone who has sufficiently healed him/herself, people who have grown through their own healing journey and who have been able to open their heart in such a way that they can now become a vehicle of healing light for other beings. A healer heals without ego as an instrument of the divine.


Path of the Healer

The path of the healer begins with your own healing journey. It is through understanding the workings of your energy body and the way in which different energies impact you that you can learn to apply and direct these energies for other people as well.

The path of the healer is a path of experience, it is through experiencing and understanding your own multi-dimensionality that you can interact with the different aspects of other human beings as well. Your journey as a healer is a flowering, your process is that of opening more and more, of blossoming and spreading the light that you contain freely. You become a vehicle of unconditional love, for it is only in this state of unconditionality that you can really be of service to the divine and other people. In the end, being a healer is a calling, it means sufficiently being tuned in to hear the call for healing and harmony of the Source itself.

The path of the healer is open to those that wish to find the meaning of their life, reconnect to their personal power and their divine purpose and it offers the possibility to learn how to apply different healing techniques to be of service to the healing service of others as well.

Energy Healing Programme 2019

In our courses we prepare the ground through Alchemical storytelling combined with energy activations inspired by the Archangels, Ascended Masters, Essenes & Egyptian Mystery Schools. Our unwavering commitment is to Source, as we see this as the thread that connects everything we do, however, we also see the beauty of diversity, everyone has a different way in and our range of offerings across the traditions gives us this.

It is an energy awareness training that focuses on developing your Sensory field and vibrational frequency for the Aquarian age. The training will help cultivate your capacity to feel into the causal realm (the home of our soul) and tap into the guidance & healing offered by The Higher Self, Ascended Masters and Angels. It will allow you to connect directly to the energies offered for self-development and for the healing of others.  Our courses are below and you can read more about the Trajectory by downloading the information pack.


Course Dates

The healing pathway courses are listed below.  All courses are open apart from the following caveats:

  • The Practitioner Training has an ideal entry requirement of 2 courses to be attended.
  • Where courses a split into Parts they should be attended sequentially
  • Path of the Magdalen is Woman only course in alignment with the priestess tradition.
Dates Duration Course Title
21-23 December 2018 3 Days Path of the Magdalen (Women)
6 January – 6 February 2019 10.5 Hours Realise Your Light ( 7 x 1.5 hours)
1 March – 17 May 2018 10.5  Hours Way of the Heart ( 7 x 1.5 hours)
1 – 3 March 2019 3 Days Path of the Magdalen (Women) 1
8 – 10 March 2019 3 Days Practitioner Training Level 2
12th April 2019 16 Hours Eygptian Teachings Part 1
26-28 April 2019 16 Hours Essene Teachings Part 1
25-26 May 2019 2 Days Essene Teachings Part 2
14-17 June 2019 4 Days Chohan of Light
20-23 July 2019 3 Days Path of the Magdalen (Women) 2
1-4 August 2019 4 Days Eygptian Teachings Part 2
29 August – 1 September 2019 4 Days Archangel
8-10 November 2019 3 Days Path of the Magdalen (Women) 3
15-17 November 2019 3 Days Practitioner Training Level I
29-30 November 2019 2 Days Essene Teachings Part 3