The Druid

Druids are people who have nature as their compass, they synchronized their heartbeat with the heartbeat of mother earth and they live in accord with the cycles of the seasons, which gives them access to the natural flow and abundance of life. The druids’ greatest teacher is the natural world, they get their knowledge directly from the minerals, the plants, the elements, the stars. For the druid, the earth and everything on it is like a map, an encyclopedia that can be decoded, giving access to the deepest wisdom that lies beyond the veils of the visible world. Druids are like alchemists who can extract the essence of everything they encounter and their goal is to approach their own essence as closely as possible during this lifetime.


Path of the Druid

The path of the druid is a path of transformation of the self, it is a path of simplicity, balance and harmony. The druid (or apprentice druid) seeks to let go of everything superfluous, to reach to the essence of all things, ourselves included. With nature as your compass, the druid path teaches you to differentiate between deep truth and superficial illusions. You see the world through new eyes, you shed all that have you learned to redefine your reality as your experiences push the boundaries of your vision and perceptions.
The druid path reconnects you to the roots of Celtic society, the roots of the European people and their mystical and spiritual traditions. Through the exploration of the ancestral knowledge of the Celtic lands and the philosophy they based their life upon, you reconnect to your own roots and the ancestral knowledge you hold within you.

In the way of ancient priests and priestesses, the path of the druid restores the dialogue with the earth through rituals and practices, it helps you understand your inner workings through study and observation of the natural world that surrounds you. It is by feeling and connecting to the natural world that you acquire a deeper understanding and that you reach uncharted realms within yourself. You will learn to communicate with the elements that surround you, listen to the knowledge that the earth wishes to share with you and become an ambassador for mother earth as you share her teachings.

Druid Path training 2019

An exclusive training initiating you into the ancestral traditions and philosophy of the Celtic lands to give you the wisdom and the tools to live a conscious and meaningful existence as an ambassador for mother earth in a rapidly evolving world.


7 Levels of initiation into the druid path

The full year druid path training  is made up out of 7 individual initiations, 7 portals that will take you on a journey to awaken the essence of the druid path inside of you and to help you embody the consciousness of the druid. You will travel through the wheel of life and at each new initiation you will deepen your self-knowledge and mastery, expand your abilities to communicate with the natural world and hear its guidance, fine-tune your connection to the invisible world and learn more about the druid walk of life.

The different initiations will enable you to connect to the essence of the bard, ovate and druid, expand your knowledge on the pantheon of the Celtic gods and goddesses, organise your own sacred ritual, understand the dynamic of the wheel of the year, communicate with the animal, plant and mineral realms, as well as the invisible world and the beings that reside there.

Each of the initiations is available as a separate training or you can choose to subscribe to the druid path as a full year course and really commit to the path of the modern druid.



no. dates Arrive/leave glastonbury
Journeying the Roots 20-23 March 2019 Start of Course at 10 AM on the 20th

End of course at 4 PM on the 23rd

Igniting the Hearth 3-5 May 2019 Start of Course at 10 AM on the 20th

End of course at 4 PM on the 23rd

From bud to Blossom 31/05 – 02/06  2019 Start of Course at 10 AM on the 20th

End of course at 4 PM on the 23rd



(5 Days)

16 – 22 August 2019

2 initiations into the druid path
Meeting the Green Man
Taliésin’s Song

Arrive any time after 3:00pm on Friday 16th August

Depart at 12:00pm on Thursday 22nd August. Venue TBC.

Merlin’s Magic 13-15 September 2019 Start of Course at 10 AM on the 20th

End of course at 4 PM on the 23rd

Venue TBC

Parting the Veil 22-24 Novembre 2019 Arrive any time after 3:00pm on Friday 12th July

Depart at 5:00pm on Sunday 15th July

Retreat Meeting the Green Man
Taliésin’s song
2 initiations of the Druid Path
(5 Days) 16 – 22 August 2019 Start of Course at 10 AM on the 20th

End of course at 4 PM on the 23rd

Mentoring 4 mentoring sessions via zoom to be held between the weekends
Rituals All the rituals of the Wheel of the Year to be celebrated and a journal of contemplation and study to be held for final course and trajectory discussion