3 paths leading to the same source.

Three trajectories of growth, each with its own heritage, offering different tools of expansion, but all moving towards the same infinite source of sacred wisdom. 

With nature as your compass, the druid path teaches you to differentiate between deep truth and superficial illusions. In the way of ancient priests and priestesses, the path of the druid restores the dialogue with the earth through rituals and practices, it helps you understand your inner workings through study and observation of the natural world that surrounds you. It is by feeling and connecting to the natural world that you acquire a deeper understanding and that you reach uncharted realms within yourself.

The path of the healer begins with your own healing journey. It is through understanding the workings of your energy body and the way in which different energies impact you that you can learn to apply and direct these energies for other people as well.
The path of the healer is open to those that wish to find the meaning of their life, reconnect to their personal power and their divine purpose and it offers the possibility to learn how to apply different healing techniques to be of service to the healing service of others as well.

The yogi enters into a contract of discovery. Kriya* becomes the teacher. The body is the temple for our transformation; it holds within the keys to unlock the mystery of our incarnation. Kundalini yoga Kriyas and Meditations function like cocoons for transformation, the sequence of a Kriya chisels the body & spirit, while the breath and mantra open up gateways of communication to source.