Sivaroshan Sahathevan

Sivaroshan Sahathevan

#yogateacher #healer #kundalini #glastonbury #londonI have over the years been involved with and created many initiatives within the genre of wellbeing; but none have felt like this (I bet I said that last time ;-). The difference being with this project, I never tried to do anything; it just happened! 4 people coming together and boom like magic Path to Source was created.

I have long since accepted that my soul will never rest until it has discovered the truth of things. I have tried to bury that desire in the past. It did not work. So now I just accept it. That decision unleashed my potential and desire to discover a wide array of teachings. My journey was unashamedly selfish to begin with as I sought answers! Then something shifted, the need to receive was transformed to a need to offer. My cup was over spilling and now it was time to give.

My journey has seen deep forays in to the practices of Buddhism, Raj & Kundalini Yoga, Numerology and Healing technologies. It is fair to say I was a sponge. Now as I write this, we are in the Aquarian age, life is becoming a pulse of energy and we must realise our energetic nature in deeper ways than ever before. I now am a Teacher of Yoga and the Healing arts, a builder of community and a creator of a new way. My wish is for us to go together.


What connects you to Glastonbury?

Glastonbury first touched my heart 7 years ago;  little was I to know the destiny that I and this place had together.  It was like being caught in a gentle current at first; bringing me time and time again to connect to the land and its energy.

Over the years the current became stronger and stronger; like I was being taken swiftly out to sea; but unlike the stricken swimmer I welcomed the pull into the unknown.

In 2015 I became the owner of Hopewell Cottage in Glastonbury.  A space for me to offer to others the magic and solace that Glastonbury had given me for many years. Me and Glastonbury were becoming deeply intertwined; it was as if our association was maturing from that of visitor to that of guardian; someone who values the special uniqueness of this place; and its importance in the ascension of humanity.

Today as I look back I understand that my soul and the spirit of Glastonbury were in communion.  An interview process if you like to decide on whether my souls growth would be served in this magical  portal.  For the moment it seems it shall.


What will your mission be within the college?

I have always been a creator; strategist and dedicated pursuer of the truth. Also a believer in “One for all and all for one”; we go together or not at all. A Pragmatic Shaman who longs to Don his yogic loincloth and make for the forest.

My mission within path to Source is to Walk the Walk; to shape the path for those that dare to follow spirits call?

Social Media has proven that talk is cheap but can also make you heaps of cheap money.  I am not interested in cheap money.  I am here to confront myself and allow my journey to be of use for the generations to follow.  What I offer to our clan is the visionary with the fire to fuel a new generation of seekers who can imprint a new way for us to live in harmony on this planet.


What Connects us together

Some things you cannot manufacture they must be born. So it is with path to source.

Destiny has sought to bring together Anais, Jean Baptiste, Jane and Myself.  Our paths while so very different have taken us to the same cross road, with the same question at the same time.


How do we serve this planet with depth?

What strikes me as so very beautiful about this coming together; is that it never was contrived.  It has its foundation in kindness and mutual respect, what excites me about this creation is our passion for the truth. What moves me is the humility & sacrifice required to create it.
The life initiations we all have experienced have chiselled our skillsets to be ready for this moment of great opportunity.  The rest shall be in the hands of the divine.

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