Jean-Baptiste Le Cocq

Jean-Baptiste Le Cocq

Hello! I’m Jean-Baptiste, an intuitive and an empath and my path in life was shaped by my quest for alignment. Ever since I was a child I have felt and seen things that I couldn’t explain. I had premonitions and could see beyond the veil of the world that can be interpreted by the 5 senses. This did not fit into the context of my strictly catholic upbringing though and my parents didn’t understand or know how to deal with my hyper-sensitivity. As a result of this, I hid away my gifts and suppressed them until they eventually disappeared are faded out into the background.

For years I tried my best to fit in and adapt to a system that felt counter-intuitive to me and as a result I developed some serious health-problems. My eye-sight dropped from one day to the next and I developed serious back injuries that prevented me from doing any sports. I understood later on that by suppressing my gifts, I suppressed an important part of myself and I lost my alignment. I would say that the Path that lead me back to Source was my quest for alignment. This quest started with learning physical techniques for back alignment and body work, it continued by sorting out my diet and pursuing naturopathy studies and finally opened the door again to a spiritual presence and consciousness in my life. This pursuit of inner harmony that I had lost by neglecting part of myself is the path that lead me back to Source.

Align and unite the body, soul and spirit.

Born on the 28th of February 1974 at Bourges (France) from a Briton father and a mother that came from the French Ardennes.

During my whole school-going career I often suffered from important digestive problems, with serious consequences on my health and my level of concentration. Until I accidentally discovered the books of Dr. Kousmine, a Swiss doctor who helped her patients heal from all kinds of illnesses by changing their diet, which had the effect of a true revelation on me. Since then I have adopted an organic, healthy and vegetarian diet.

Naturopathy and Natural Medicine

As a result of my new lifestyle I chose to study naturopathy after high school. The holistic approach of combining a healthy diet with movement, psychology and other natural health cures was completely new to me at the time. I wanted to heal the cause of people’s diseases, not only the symptoms, help people stay in good health instead of only battling illnesses. I followed the teachings of André Roux (CHMN) and Alain Rousseaux in Paris and of André Lafon in Rochefort. Already I had the idea of one day opening a well-being centre.

Theatre and the Arts

I decided to explore theatre to battle my shyness and it became a true love-affair. I fell in love with theatre and for the next 10 years I was an event organiser (short film festivals, open mics, artistic events, art shows, fashion shows, different events during the Cannes film festival…) and I developed a highly active and successful network of artists.

A quest for alignment

Having suffered from back problems since childhood, I tried several methods to heal my back (osteopathy, Feldenkrais, Alexander technique, rolling,…) until I discovered the Bio-Alignment method in 2003 when I met William Wethern (deceased in 2010), therapist and trainer of this method in Kentucky USA.

When I saw (and felt) the exceptional results of this method on my scoliosis and general health of my body (pain relief, posture, alignment,…) in just a few sessions, I decided to do the training course to become a practitioner myself. I decided to put an end to my artistic activities and open a practice in Paris in 2008 and then in Brussels in 2009. I continued on this path of alignment by doing additional training with Sylvain Decosterd in Switzerland in 2009-2010. The new technique I acquired at his side is called “Space within” and it helped me to work on a more energetic level. I understood that better posture exponentially increases self-worth.

The real transformation took place when I started receiving clients and drastically change their lives for the better combining the bio-alignment technique with the Space Within-technique.

A new consciousness… Finally, awake!

Since the 18th of November 2012, I awoke to a new consciousness. This consciousness allowed me to receive and transmit certain information according to the energy and vibrations of the present moment. This information arrived in the shape of certain revelations, increasing my awareness and I started “downloading” spiritual teachings. All the teachings I received through extra-sensorial communication (channelling) guided me to get back into the flow of life.

There was a before and after 2012. As if a light had been switched on in a room that had always been dark before. I awakened and became myself from one day to the other.

Nothing is impossible, the word itself says, ‘I’m possible!’ – Audrey Hepburn

From 2012 to 2016 I continued receiving constant messages from beyond the veil which pushed my boundaries and allowed me to expand the ideas I had of reality and of what was possible. I gradually became a living example, along with Anaïs, of the teachings we received in this manner. Together, we have been living a fulfilling life as pilgrims of the earth, letting go of our attachments, we have learned to live from the heart, listen to our intuitions, have faith in ourselves, be authentic, etc. All this contributes to a life that is much more in the flow than what we were used to before and much more joyful.

Being the example is not only the best way to teach others, in reality it is the only one. – Albert Schweizer