Jane Bowyer

Jane Bowyer

#yogateacher #healer #janeybowyer #thewordsprite #joytrain #meditationHello! I’m Janey Bowyer. I’m also known as The Word Sprite. A sprite is a kind of fairy which is how some people see me.  I definitely have a strong connection to nature, and I like to spread magic and positivity.

My skillset includes teaching, yoga and writing.  I like to see the silver lining in life. My sprinkle to the mix is that I have experience of trying to remain holistic while holding down a busy office job in one of the world’s busiest cities!

I’m an experienced yoga teacher and regularly write on wellbeing via my website The Word Sprite, and other online magazines such as Yoga Digest. I also teach meditation courses online via Udemy.  In the past I have published three books: two fiction, and one yoga.  I have another book on the way.

About me

I grew up in the North.  My childhood was challenging and in the past I didn’t always get the support I needed due to circumstances and the pain of others.  Yet, this helped me to grow my own strong roots and in turn choose a life of self-enquiry.

From a young age, I wanted to live in London.  As a child, during the depths of night, I’d often listen to the hum of passing trains. Sometimes I’d run to my bedroom window hoping to catch a glimpse so that I could pretend that I too was travelling on one, speeding along, London bound, while the rest of the world was sleeping. So one day in my late teens, I bought a one-way bus ticket and travelled down to the south.

I was never a naturally flexible person nor the kind of person to sit still and meditate.  That is why I feel I have a lot to offer those who feel excluded.  I am described as a phoenix that rises out of the ashes as I see the hope in most situations. I was inspired to try yoga twenty years ago after attending a health assessment at my local gym. I discovered during the flexibility test that I couldn’t reach beyond my knees, no matter touch my toes! My lack of bendiness inspired me to purchase a secondhand yoga book and started my journey.

I worked hard in busy offices and off the back of that studied in evenings and during weekends. I’m now an experienced yoga teacher. I teach my classes with a friendly and giving attitude where encouragement, patience and compassion help guide the student towards deepening their practice, regardless of their level. I’m good at accommodating both beginners and intermediate students.


Why Glastonbury?

Glastonbury reminds me of Harry Potter.  You can even buy wands! The town has light and darkness.  It offers a place to transform — a heartbeat of magical energy like no other place.  It is unique and transformative.

My mission within the college

Through Path2Source I wish to inspire and equip people with the tools of mindfulness, meditation, self-help, and yoga but in a way that is accessible and relevant to all.

I feel creativity teamed with yoga are great ways to navigate through life and enrich one’s being. Nature is a natural healer and one that we can access even from a city.

Too often I feel we can go away on these fantastic courses, but when we get back to work somehow, we lose what we have learnt. I can offer you ways to keep it going outside any courses.

Through my outreach program brought to you by online videos, articles, and also courses at the cottage, I offer relief for modern living. I also offer well being weekends in Glastonbury.

My offering to the world

I’m your everyday gal and artist combined. My wisdom, sunshine, playfulness, and my natural ability to connect with people is what I have to offer.